Clinical Research Program

Urinary Tract Infection Study

If you’re interested in participating in a paid clinical research study on UTI’s, fill out the form below.

Participate in a paid UTI clinical study

Clinical Research Partners is partnering with VPFW to offer a paid clinical study of urinary tract infections. Learn more below and see if you qualify to participate.

Purpose of the study

The purpose of this study is to compare Gepotidacin with Nitrofurantoin when taken twice a day for five days. Nitrofurantoin is approved by the FDA.


You may qualify to participate in this study if you:
• Are over 12 years of age
• Have symptoms of a urinary tract infection
• Are not pregnant or actively trying to become pregnant


This study has a commitment duration of 28 days with 4 total visits.


If you qualify and decide to participate, you may receive up to $372 if all scheduled visits are completed.


If you have any questions about participating in this research study, call Heather at Clinical Research Partners, 804-893-0645.

Interested in participating in a paid clinical research trial at VPFW?

If you’d like to participate in a clinical research trial, please complete the form below and we will reach out as studies become available. Thank you for helping to move science forward.